Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Miracle of You

So many broken hearts, so few open and true
So many tangled webs to weave my way through
I filled myself up with whisky wisdom
On the road to a crooked kind of freedom
Until I stumbled across the miracle of you

So many kisses, though there’ll never be enough
So much warm excitement from your gentle touch
You grant me the truest kind of freedom
And fill me with your sublime wisdom
By allowing me to see the miracle of you

So much has been lost through the passage of time
So much that I can never again call mine
I guess that’s what some people call wisdom
But I’ve learned there’s nothing better than the freedom
To live in the light of the miracle of you

So I’ll take every chance to stand by your side
To hold on to your hand and try to stop time
I’m no longer concerned about freedom and wisdom
I only want to be yours for all the days left to come
And to cherish the miracle of you

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