Sunday, February 26, 2017

Elements 4: Water

Water always returns to level.
Did you know that?
It is self-equalizing,
100% fair and unbiased,
Treating all obstacles and intruders with the same disdain.
It cleanses and carries away.
It is everywhere that life is.

Light passes through it,
Or bounces off it,
As it (the water) wills,
But never changes it.

Water has its phases, its changes,
Solid, gas, liquid,
Like anything else, it is subject to the laws of physics,
Subject but not enslaved.
As liquid, it flows and drips and seeps where it will, transporting, eroding.
As gas it rises and floats where its brother the wind carries it.
As solid it is the shaper and destroyer, raising and flattening mountains.

And you are like water in this:
Without you I am a desert,
Dry and desolate and lifeless.

So come, flow over me, through me, around me.
Lift me and carry me.
Shape me, but do not destroy me.
Sustain me,  feed me.

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