Friday, January 5, 2018

When Adam and Eve first departed the garden

When Adam and Eve first departed the garden
They took a high-rise apartment
Overlooking the sea, and when the sea parted
To let Moses escape, they had a bird’s eye view.

When the high-rise collapsed ‘cause it grew too tall,
Adam and Eve took a terrible fall
Down to the desert. Forty days in all
Of sin and temptations, but that’s nothing new.

On the edge of the desert they found an oasis,
And they took a quick break to wash their faces
In the cool water there. But then back to the races,
For, coming up behind they saw me and you.

That’s when they spotted Noah and his gang,
And so, into action they quickly sprang.
They hid below decks as the animals sang
A medley of show-tunes all tinged with the blues.

Adam said, “Baby, this scene’s where it’s at,”
But Eve wasn’t really down with all that.
She said, “I remember the days in the garden, now that
Was when you and I could just be me and you.”

So, they dove overboard and discovered Australia,
Where they changed their names to Bruce and Amelia.
Amelia said, “Darling, you know that I love ya,
But I can’t live with all these kangaroos.”

Neil Armstrong swung by on his way to the moon,
And Amelia said, “Bruce, let’s go, and real soon.”
But Bruce said, “Ah, that guy’s just a goon,
And I don’t like the way that he’s looking at you.”

So, they rented a cottage in old Provincetown
Where she bought a new wig and he bought a gown.
When they heard Lola’s song, in a voice dark and brown,
They said, “We’re Adam and Steve, how do you do?”

But the swinging life, they soon found, didn’t suit them,
So, they headed back out to look for the garden.
But the garden had been turned into a Flower Museum,
And only the rich folks were allowed in to view.

So finally, they settled down out in Wyoming,
Where she calls him “Baby” and he calls her “Darling”,
And all the day long you can find them there, loving,
But isn’t that what they were always meant to do?

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