Saturday, October 20, 2018

Life Is For This

I Speak of death, I speak of rebirth:
For I died to my old self and was reborn to a new life of boundless horizons, all in a moment, a single fluorescent moment, in an explosive Easter embrace.
Life is not for dying, though.
Life is for kissing and embracing.
Life is for discovering and becoming.
Oh, and yes, Life is for suffering the pains of birth and the agonies of loss.
But it is not for hiding from the world, for there is no comfort within.
Comfort comes only from without, from kissing and embracing, discovering and becoming.
Judge not, and give no advice, but acknowledge and welcome the other with kisses and embraces, for she is your comfort, and you are hers.
Embrace her gracefulness and softness, and also, her pains and losses.
Acknowledge her strengths and magical powers, and also, her frailty and fears.
She is no less nor more than you.
Life is for this, for recognizing and discovering the other in yourself, and yourself in her.
Life is for this, and nothing else.
In isolation is hell, thorns and barbed wire and fire, recriminations and regrets.
But in the welcoming arms of the other is heaven, music and dance, cool breezes, recognition and acceptance.
There is no more than this.
This is Life.
Life is for this.
Life is a pair of green eyes that reflect my own face back to me.
Life is her arms wrapped around me and mine around her, in a perfect circle of ultimate sharing.
Life is for kissing and embracing her, the one whose very being reflects myself, as I reflect her.
Life is for this, and nothing else.

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