Saturday, September 21, 2019

I dreamed that you were dreaming of me

I dreamed that you were dreaming of me,
And I came to you and you awoke,
And I awoke, you and I,
With pounding hearts and striving thighs,
And eyes that see, and throats that sigh.
You and I,
Like ships that breast the waves
That crest upon the shore.

I rest a hand upon your thigh and
In your eyes I swim,
And I awake and you awake,
You and I.

Upon a beach we walk
To where the earth extends a rocky
Finger into the heaving sea.
My fingers trace the line
Of your collar bone.
You are not alone in your dream.
You awake, and I awake, you and I,
Not alone.

We wander through a field
Of thigh high grass and
With our stride we carve a path.
Which closes up behind us,
We leave no track.
No one can follow, no one can find.
You and I, my hand in your hip pocket,
And yours in mine,
You and I.

Embrace the mystery
Of what you cannot see
And close your eyes and dream
That I am dreaming of you.

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