Sunday, March 22, 2020

Stare Into a Mirror

Stare into a mirror darkly lit under red neon
To find a face you’ve never seen
On a street of darkened doorways
And whispered invitations

Choose one, accept one, at your own risk
None is better or safer than the rest
But choose you must, they say
Or die where you stand

The mirror follows you through the gathering fog
The face you find there changes with each step
The street goes on further than you can see
An endless stream of foreboding

Stagger on, stumble along, tripping through
The rubble of a city in decay
The faint buzzing of the neon fills your ears
Broken glass crunches beneath your feet

Hopeless and lost among the decadence
You find one door less threatening than the rest
Leaning your shoulder against it
You fall into darkness, you fall

Falling, you fly; flying, you find
Is easier than you’d imagined
Soaring above the decay you see
You’ve reached the end, and now you’re free

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