Friday, May 22, 2020

Rubicon Crossed (March 2013)

From deep in the archives, March 2013:

Rubicon crossed, total commitment, no turning back.
What the fates have set in motion let no man try to halt.
Full steam ahead and no sleep ‘til Brooklyn.
Once more unto the breach, Dear Henry, Dear Henry.
For the die has been cast and caution thrown to the wind.
I’ll not rest ‘til I see the thing done.


But wait, what are we getting into here?
I smell trouble, with a capital T.
Maybe I should reconsider.
All may not be what it seems.
You should look before you leap.
One does not simply walk into the spider’s lair.
A plan, a plan is what we need.


Perhaps a good night’s rest is in order..
The situation may seem different in the bright light of day
Always a good idea to sleep on a plan before beginning.
Careful consideration and evaluation of the risks.


Never mind.

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