Saturday, August 15, 2020

Keep a Window Open

Next time the full moon falls on a
Friday night
in Spring,
let’s say in June
Remember to leave a window open
and I, I will be there
I’ll be bouncing on a trampoline in
I already fell for you,
I fell
so hard
Now I’m living for love,
and I’m living in fear
fear that you’ll grow tired of me and
leave me all
And so I bounce as high as I can
and I’ll make sure you see me bouncing
there and singing
the songs I’ve written for you
Just keep a window open
for me
for me
Keep a window open
for me
even if a storm blows in
still keep that window open
for me
I’ll come streaming in
with the rain and the wind
so keep the window open
for me
My love,
for me
keep a window open
for me
‘cause I need to find you
and lay myself beside you
so keep your window open
for me
keep your window open
for me

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