Saturday, July 18, 2020

Like Lou Said

Ah, well, like Lou said,
those were different times.
It was weird to be weird,
now it’s commonplace.
Still there’s one thing that hasn’t
ever really changed:
You still take a big chance
just by having a face.
Richard Hell told you so,
And he ought to know.
It’s still a mixed-up world,
Just as muddled- and shook-up
As it was when the Kinks
Sang that song about Lola.
And, yeah, it’s been raining,
Like Dylan said it would,
Sometimes it’s rained pretty hard.
But some stains won’t wash off,
And some ghosts never die.
It’s way past the time for your tears.
Windy has stormy eyes,
Everyone knows it’s true.
And downtown, Petula said,
Is where everything waits for you.
But the wind that fans the flames
That would burn your downtown down
Was blowing long before
Thomas Jefferson
Ever declared a thing.