Saturday, March 28, 2020

amor mirabilis

Drowning in a sea of fire,
drowning but not dying,
alive but not living
until she revived me, 
my amor mirabilis,
my love miraculous.

The sweat between her breasts,
like a stoup of holy water,
like a sacred basin full
of the sustenance of love,
my amor mirabilis,
my love miraculous.

Quench my thirst and feed me
with the heavenly ambrosia
of your lips upon my lips
at the ending of the day, 
my amor mirabilis,
my love miraculous.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Stare Into a Mirror

Stare into a mirror darkly lit under red neon
To find a face you’ve never seen
On a street of darkened doorways
And whispered invitations

Choose one, accept one, at your own risk
None is better or safer than the rest
But choose you must, they say
Or die where you stand

The mirror follows you through the gathering fog
The face you find there changes with each step
The street goes on further than you can see
An endless stream of foreboding

Stagger on, stumble along, tripping through
The rubble of a city in decay
The faint buzzing of the neon fills your ears
Broken glass crunches beneath your feet

Hopeless and lost among the decadence
You find one door less threatening than the rest
Leaning your shoulder against it
You fall into darkness, you fall

Falling, you fly; flying, you find
Is easier than you’d imagined
Soaring above the decay you see
You’ve reached the end, and now you’re free

Thursday, March 12, 2020

No Tribe

Assign me to no generation
I claim no community or nation
No race or ethnicity
There are no clubs that interest me
I reject your tribal mentality
Just leave me be

I will not hate because of color,
Gender, age or any other
Of your arbitrary means of division
I have made this decision
To reject your tribal mentality
Just leave me be

I used to have a favorite team
But I’ve outgrown that now
I used to wander with the herd
Like any other sheep or cow
Now I wander my own way
I’m still lost, but that’s okay
I’m still lost, but that’s okay
I’ll find my way
Just leave me be

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Oh, well

Oh, well, the end has already been
Oh, well, the trumpet has already sounded
Oh, well, the white horses trampled through here yesterday
Carrying their 4 fearsome riders
Who each carried their flaming swords of judgement and retribution
Oh, well
Apocalypse, Ragnorak, End Times, all behind us now
Oh, well
I guess we missed it
I guess life goes on, even after the end of the world
Oh, well, the sun still burns in the sky
Oh, well, the earth still spins beneath your feet
Oh, well, worms still crawl through the dirt
And the end is just a new beginning
Same for you as for the moon
Same for us all
Begin again

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


I know every inch of her body and face,
every crease and dimple, every curve and slope.
My chest remembers the weight of her head.
The scent of her hair is in my nose forever.
Her touch vibrates through my veins.
Her heartbeat echoes in my ears.
The shape of her smile and the color of her eyes
are more beautiful to me
than any Michelangelo, or Van Gogh
or Da Vinci.
                      But, more than that,
I have taken the full measure of her soul,
so that now I know where I belong:
Her soul is limitless, infinite,
a circle with its center everywhere.
And in the center of the center,
at her soul’s very core,
a hearth-fire burns eternally
without consuming, only warming.
Before the hearth-fire is a braided rug,
woven from the memories that we’ve created,
and the secrets we have shared,
and the dreams we hope to make come true.
And upon this rug I lay myself,
and warm myself, and know that I am home.

I belong.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Falling Feathers

I thought that it was snow
but it was the falling feathers
of angels
purest white
and much smaller than I’d imagined

They piled up at my feet
and collected in my hair
like the dust
on the coffee table
in my living room

I caught one on my tongue
and it tasted like apple pie
and vanilla ice cream
and it didn’t melt
so, I swallowed it
Nine years later
I gave birth to god
who blessed me and bid me farewell

So, I’ve got that going for me

Sunday, January 26, 2020

walking forward, looking back

walking forward, looking back
we drink until we thirst
and we sink down in the flames, the flames
the ancient song bubbles up from subterranean depths
we feel nothing, now, at the end
and the blessed silence descends
thoughts rise and swirl and disappear as coherently as the steam from my coffee
the careless brutality of time
the half-remembered truths of life
the waves that crash and disappear
we hope for one thing that can last
even as we hear the final note fade into silence