Moon Shine and Lemon Twists

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Friday, January 5, 2018

When Adam and Eve first departed the garden

When Adam and Eve first departed the garden
They took a high-rise apartment
Overlooking the sea, and when the sea parted
To let Moses escape, they had a bird’s eye view.

When the high-rise collapsed ‘cause it grew too tall,
Adam and Eve took a terrible fall
Down to the desert. Forty days in all
Of sin and temptations, but that’s nothing new.

On the edge of the desert they found an oasis,
And they took a quick break to wash their faces
In the cool water there. But then back to the races,
For, coming up behind they saw me and you.

That’s when they spotted Noah and his gang,
And so, into action they quickly sprang.
They hid below decks as the animals sang
A medley of show-tunes all tinged with the blues.

Adam said, “Baby, this scene’s where it’s at,”
But Eve wasn’t really down with all that.
She said, “I remember the days in the garden, now that
Was when you and I could just be me and you.”

So, they dove overboard and discovered Australia,
Where they changed their names to Bruce and Amelia.
Amelia said, “Darling, you know that I love ya,
But I can’t live with all these kangaroos.”

Neil Armstrong swung by on his way to the moon,
Amelia said, “Baby, let’s go, and real soon.”
But Bruce said, “Amelia, that guy’s such a goon,
And I don’t like the way that he’s looking at you.”

So, they rented a cottage in old Provincetown.
She bought a new wig and he bought a gown.
When they heard Lola’s call, in a voice dark and brown,
They said, “We’re Adam and Steve, how do you do?”

But the swinging life, they found, didn’t suit them,
So, they headed back out to look for the garden.
But the garden was now called a Flower Museum,
And only the rich folks were allowed in to view.

So finally, they settled down out in Wyoming.
She calls him “Baby” and he calls her “Darling”,
All the day long you can find them there, loving,
But isn’t that what they were always meant to do?

Friday, November 24, 2017

Dance In The Place Where We Find Ourselves

I who never danced at all for fear of being noticed
Began to let a broken hearted rhythm guide my feet
I struggled to learn to dance in the place where I found myself
On this square foot where I found myself
And you who had gracefully danced all the days of your life
To your own broken hearted rhythm, on your own two feet
Now have joined your dance to mine in the place where we find ourselves
On this square foot where we find ourselves
We awoke from a dream to a new morning together
With the single rhythm of two mended hearts as our guide
And now we dance forever in the place where we find ourselves
On this square foot where we find ourselves

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Don't they know you're mine?

Why does the world still hound you
Now that we have found each other?
Don’t they know you’re mine?
Don’t they see you’re blind to them?
Can’t they hear my screams like fire?
Can’t they see you’ve raised me higher
than I’ve ever been before?
My love, my guide, my shining star,
You heard me calling from so far away,
A song sung for your ears only,
To rescue you from your lonely tears,
A song sung with screams like fire
That won’t end until we’ve risen higher
                than anyone’s ever been before.

Monday, October 23, 2017


I find the tracks of your kiss
on my flesh,
happy scars,

The spark of your smile ignites,
I burn, I
become ashes,
I am scattered

by your breath. Naked eye to
naked eye,
I gaze upon
you, and see

the reflection of myself,
in reverse,

We burn together, then we
rest together.
We, always,

And closing my eyes I see
yours above me,
Shining like

over the sea, a blanket
of blessing
to cover
my dreaming,

Two lamps in the darkness by
which I can finally see.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

And so I seek you out

which ‘tween my fingers twist like flames, never burning or consuming,
a flame which only warms my icy heart and sparks me to desire;

yet neither do I seek for you, my sweet angelic paramour,
for those eyes, those sea green eyes, which seek out mine and in which I would
drown and drown again a million times until I’ve reached the bottom;

and though your arms, my darling one, sweet resting place, as soft as down
yet strong as steel, secure me always to your heart that beats beneath
the breast which, nourishing with sea-salt scent, does satisfy me and
beguile me, these things are not why I have searched;

nor, mi amour, for
your legs, so strong and straight, which ‘round my waist you wrap to hold me, and
clasp me safe, close to the center, to the fire, the holy place where
I disappear;

your lips so sweet and welcoming I dream of in
the night, I taste them in my dreams of you, and hear the voice that comes
from them to soothe me when my dreams grow dark, yet even these are not
the reasons that I have pursued you through the lonely years, my dear;

no, I seek you for the simple reason that you are my home where,
like a nomad lost for years amid the dunes or a sailor tossed
on wayward waves without shelter from the sun, I long to be, to
ever lay my head and rest my weary self beneath your shade.

Monday, October 9, 2017

New Reality

At first we lived two lives apart,
But all the while we dreamed.
I dreamed of you, you dreamed of me
But we were still asleep.
Then in the morn when we awoke
I found you here with me,
For as we slept we brought to life
This new reality.
The sweat of love, a salty tear,
The deepness of the sea,
A whispered name, a sheltered heart,
A new reality.

We rise and fall, we circle low,
We rise and fall again.
And when we land on solid ground
We face the setting sun.
Tomorrow calls, “Come, follow me”
“Forever”, we reply
And Yesterday we leave behind
For our new reality.
The sweat of love, a salty tear,
The deepness of the sea,
A whispered name, a sheltered heart,
A new reality.

A kiss so deep, a love so strong,
So holy, so divine.
I press my face into your hair,
I claim you now, you’re mine,
And I am yours, my green-eyed queen,
As the river is the sea’s,
As the stars belong in the sky,
As you belong by me.
The sweat of love, a salty tear,
The deepness of the sea,
A whispered name, a sheltered heart,
A new reality.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Always she is with me

Always she is with me
And her spirit does surround me
Ever all around me
I feel her soft/strong arms
She shields me from all sadness
A light within the darkness
Calm center ‘mid the madness
A soothing, healing balm

Eyes as bright as diamonds
A beacon on the far horizon
As seductive as the Sirens
But no danger does she pose
Rather she is my safe harbor
A feather bed ‘neath a fragrant arbor
Where I lay me down beside her
And we take our sweet repose

Ever on her I wish to gaze
Up to her I lift every praise
Always I shall turn toward her face
For she is my all in all
All blessings she bestows upon me
When she whispers my name to me
And being hers is all I need be
For she is my all in all