Sunday, February 26, 2017

Elements 4: Water

Water always returns to level.
Did you know that?
It is self-equalizing,
100% fair and unbiased,
Treating all obstacles and intruders with the same disdain.
It cleanses and carries away.
It is everywhere that life is.

Light passes through it,
Or bounces off it,
As it (the water) wills,
But never changes it.

Water has its phases, its changes,
Solid, gas, liquid,
Like anything else, it is subject to the laws of physics,
Subject but not enslaved.
As liquid, it flows and drips and seeps where it will, transporting, eroding.
As gas it rises and floats where its brother the wind carries it.
As solid it is the shaper and destroyer, raising and flattening mountains.

And you are like water in this:
Without you I am a desert,
Dry and desolate and lifeless.

So come, flow over me, through me, around me.
Lift me and carry me.
Shape me, but do not destroy me.
Sustain me,  feed me.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Elements 3: Fire

In your eyes I see shadows of flames that burned too brightly once
In your heart I see scars from clutching the flame too close to your breast
In your tears I taste ashes of dreams consumed by experience and loss
In your kiss I feel the heat that still lives and does not let you rest
Locked away now, safely contained: but, like you, Fire persists, Fire survives, Fire endures.

Some shadows last longer than the light that first cast them
Sometimes the light outlasts the candle’s flickering flame
Your old scars have lasted long after the wounds have healed
I only hope you will always smile when you hear my name
A smile as bright as the sun: for, like you, Fire persists, Fire survives, Fire endures.

The world can be an ugly place, more often than not, perhaps
Still there are moments beautiful enough to allow you to forget
I know sometimes you wonder if you even have strength enough left to breathe
I only want you to let me always be the place where you find rest
Warm and cozy by my hearth: because, like you, Fire persists, Fire survives, Fire endures.

Fire consumes, Fire produces, Fire transforms.
You should not fight it, with fire or anything else.
Embrace it,
     use it,
          or avoid it,
               as you will.
But fighting is pointless, you cannot win.
For, like you, Fire persists, Fire survives, Fire endures.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Elements 2: Earth

I sink my roots into you, as a sapling into the earth,
Just as you sink your toes into the sand at the seashore,
And just as I sink my fingers into your extraordinary hair.

I bury myself in the ashes of the fire of your soul,
And beg you to bury your nails in the skin of my back, leaving your mark,
Just as pirates of old buried their treasure and marked their maps.

You are the ground I grow from,
Holding me firm and feeding my needs.
I was reborn the day I saw you,
Resurrected on that Easter morn,
And you are the holy mother earth of my second life.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Elements 1: Air

I hear you call my name,
Your voice exhaled, blowing on a breeze,
Warm and soft,
Like springtime,
Like morning,
Awakening me to new life,
Carrying me, eddying and swirling back to you.

Your inhalation drawing me ever closer,
Until you draw me in,
Through lips slightly parted,
So I can live inside you.