Saturday, November 28, 2020

May We Dance

As graceless as mannequins in formal attire,
Not knowing for whom we dress,
We rise formless as smoke to impossible heights,
Entangled in each other’s mess.
One dances a rhumba, another a waltz,
Solo, or with partner in hand.
Some spin ‘cross the floor in shoes full of holes,
On scattered handfuls of sand.
I dance on this page since my feet don’t know how.
But we all dance to the tune of an invisible band.
May we dance until the final note
May we dance until the end
May we dance until the lights go out
May I dance with you, my friend

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Forever Only Once

Forever Only Once
  - after Czeslaw Milosz
There are things that every person knows
but none can quite express;                                                
not exactly secrets, but
just beyond the edge of language,
just beyond the edge.
There is no was or will be
There is only is
It will always be forever
And forever only once
Are you lost among your histories,
or only lost in blind confusion?
Following in famous footsteps
leads in circles, endlessly;
draws you closer to the center
of the mediocre,
further from the holy edge,
further from the edge.
There is no was or will be
There is only is
It will always be forever
And forever only once

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Stealthy Thief

Oh, Time, stealthy thief,
who snatches every breath,
every heartbeat and memory,
- where do you hide?
Where do you stash
all the blessings you’ve stolen,
all the forgotten glances,
caresses and kisses?
You must have some bolt-hole
or safe-house to hide in
with all of those moments
you’ve ravaged and pillaged.
Like a dragon who piles up
treasure uncounted
in his secret cave in some
great northern mountain,
and lies down upon it
to sleep through the winter
just waiting for springtime
to gather some more.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Just try to make it through

Just try to make it through
Try to do no harm
I’ve done enough already
So now, to just survive
To stay alive
And do no harm
Weave the present into the past
Weave a dream into a memory
Create a new biography
Final chapter still unwritten
In the meantime, just do no harm