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New for 2021, a collection of short stories and poems:

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Some short stories and some poems, most of which deal with ideas of truth and perception, and the spaces between. Between what we see and what we know; between what we dream and what we have; between reality and whatever else there is. We live in a world where almost everyone is sure they know things that can't actually be known. Personally, I don't trust anyone who's sure.

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Moon Shine and Lemon Twists
$4 for your Kindle
$7.50 for paperback (plus shipping)

A collection of poems in a variety of styles, exploring a variety of subjects. Since it's almost impossible to describe poetry (a bit like dancing about architecture), here are some samples:

"I wish I could write a poem about
a toaster, like Ray Carver would.
A toaster sitting idle on the kitchen counter
full of crumbs from old pieces of toast.
On the same counter a note,
“goodbye darling”, in that
handwriting that he couldn’t
help but recognize...."

"...I turn on the stereo to ease the pain
But it’s like beer to a junkie
Not enough
Need the mainline injection from the Marshall amps
Need the sticky floor and the crowd of bad dancers with bleary
Need the pounding and the screaming and the sweat
Need the melody and harmony and the energy and anarchy
Order within chaos, the truth delivered in 3 minutes or less..."

"I write her name on the head of a pin
And etch her name on the back of my hand
I scream her name from the rooftop at night
Her name seeps out of my pores like the sweat of a runner in the final
Every song contains her name..."
One Bad Day Deserves Another
$3.50 for Kindle
$5.50 plus shipping for paperback

A collection of short stories, including several about the same shady, unnamed character, a man without scruples, who will do nearly anything for money. Also includes the Second Hand Trips series, where the author relates the lysergic experiences of his friends (having no such experiences of his own); as well as A Post-Apocalyptic Fairy Tale, and several other stories.

With a rich variety of characters and themes, there's something here for anyone. Over a dozen stories, in 60 pages, written in a terse style sometimes reminiscent of Jim Thompson or Dashiell Hammett, and sometimes with a poetic nod toward Jack Kerouac or Charles Bukowski, but always concise and always in Mosher's own wry voice.

From killers and drug dealers to zombies and dystopian survivors, Mosher's stories are full of characters who live on the dark side. But there is also light here, and humor and hope.

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