Friday, March 1, 2013

Strangers of Long Acquaintance

In my dream she took the seat beside me in a crowded theater
            Strangers of long acquaintance
            Well met
In my dream she laid her hand on my forearm
            Without intention
            So it seemed
In my dream she told the room we’d soon be lovers
            She and I
            Jealousy surrounded
            She was known to all
In my dream the theater had no screen
            No stage
            No show
            All eyes on me and her
In my dream she draped her leg across my leg
            Head on shoulder        
            Her perfume filled my nose
            Warmth spread
In my dream her mouth pressed against mine
            Arms encircled
            Hands caressed
            Time did not exist
In my dream there was music
            Both loud and soft
            Fast and slow
            Rock and roll
In my dream her hair was dark and wavy
            Eyes bright
            Lips warm
            Skin soft
In my dream, as in all things, there was an ending
She moved away
Found another seat
Another lover from among the crowd
I awoke, alone
Her scent still in my nose
Her taste still on my lips
I walk through my work day wondering
Where is this theater? 
How do I get back there?
Where is my audience?
Where my lover?